About Cuecard

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Lance latchman

Hey, I’m Lance Latchman and I’ve taken on an epic challenge, which really started when I took up filming in 2018 and hit the streets with my camera in hand, to ask people who I’ve never met before some pretty interesting and thought provoking questions.

Some of my best moments have come from these interactions, where people from all over the world genuinely open-up and share their personal experiences, stories and views on how they see life.

I intend to share this inspiration, knowledge and entertainment with everyone, and in the process build bridges of understanding between humans across the globe.

Although I am the one behind the camera, it’s those in front of the camera that make Cuecard what it is, and creates an opportunity for me to add these special moments to your newsfeeds.

I hope you find value in Cuecard and invite you to join me on this amazing journey.